Photo of the author wearing blue earrings that dangle

I am Adera, full-time Executive Assistant and student. I love to run, bike, hike, camp and read. Recently married, there are boxes all over the place, mostly of shoes that are hard to part with. Slate is our slightly cuddly and vocal companion who constantly reminds us to give him attention, usually at the worst possible times for me.

This blog was created because of a class that I took at Arizona State University about Media Literacy. The class was so enjoyable that it led me to take additional classes about medial literacy and now a Misinformation and Society class. I also started taking digital photography classes which ties into my goal of blogging about photography. I am a person who loves to snap photos but am intimidated to share my work. I follow a lot of social media accounts for inspiration and still working on shifting my mind to believe that my art is good enough since I created it. I hope that my photoblog inspires others to share their artistic creations with the world.

I have an Instagram account that is never updated but maybe this blog will push me to do that.

Thank you for following my photoblogging journey.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation Reservation