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Welcome to my blog about photography. I am learning and growing in this art. The purpose of this blog is for me to share the photographs that I take. I don’t want my photographs to sit on my computer never to be seen by anyone else. I will probably write about why I took a photograph, what I enjoy about the photograph, and what my challenges were.

  • This blog is an inclusive and safe place
  • I will respond promptly to questions and discussions
  • I have the right to remove comments/questions/conversations that violate the community guidelines and ban repeat offenders

Please do:

  • Comment, share your knowledge, or ask questions in a courteous and respectful way
  • Respect one another
  • Email me if there is a comment/question/conversation that is inappropriate so that it can be reviewed
  • Email me if information by a member or myself is inaccurate so that it can be reviewed

Please don’t:

  • Use bad language or language that is insulting or offensive
  • Insult other members comments or questions
  • Engage in political discussion
  • Advertise

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