My Journey

For me, photography began with my dad. Before I was born my dad was taking his own black and white photographs and also developing them. He started when he was in the Coast Guard and continued. My mom has an old footlocker trunk that is full of pictures, quite a few of them taken by my dad.

One of the women I supported, Karyn, started taking photographs. She purchased a camera and was always taking photographs when she would go on vacation. Karyn would come into the office and show me her photos and I thought they were amazing. At the same time, one of my really good friends, Trevor, was encouraging me to learn about photography because I was showing an interest. At some point this lead me to researching and making my first camera purchase. I bought the Canon T3i, although there were newer models, they had not advanced enough to warrant the price. With my new purchase, I would hop on the back of Trevor’s motorcycle and he would take me to the ocean where I would take photos of surfers and waves.

Trevor would help me with learning the controls of my camera. I learned how to bracket. Bracketing is when you take several photos of the same thing but with different exposure settings. One photo is underexposed, one is overexposed, and one is the “correct” exposure. Then you can combine the photos to get all the details in one photo. After going out and taking photo’s, we would go back and load them onto Trevor’s computer and he would show me how to edit the photos in Photoshop.

This is a bracketed photo that I took in 2015. I am in Bird Rock, a San Diego neighborhood in Pacific Beach.

Photograph looking out over the ocean in Bird Rock, an beach community part of Pacific Beach, San Diego.

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