My Favorite Locations

I want to tell you about three of my favorite places that if you are in the San Diego area, you should check out. Even if you don’t live in San Diego, why I am drawn to these locations might inspire your location picks.

Having a few go-to locations is important for multiple reasons:

  • Creativity: If I am familiar with a location, it works for me to work on specific skills at that location. When reviewing photos from a location, I can review what went well and what didn’t. Then I can go back to recreate what went well to practice or work on what didn’t go well to learn.
  • Familiarity: If I am not familiar with the location then I might not be able to take what I consider, an even semi-decent photo. I will be busy looking for a “good” spot at the location or dealing with the number of people that might be there. “Please go home people”.
  • Time: I don’t always have a lot of extra time. When I am ready to go out with my camera, I might not have the time to research a location.

Another reason why I like having identified a few favorite locations is so that when I know I am going there, I can grab my camera and appropriate gear that is perfect for the setting. I already know what lens, bag, and camera to grab. Also, I more apt to grab my camera because I want to take a shot that I felt missed the last time.

Sometimes I create my own barriers, excuses, which interfere with me developing a true photography skill. For me, being familiar with a location puts me more at ease. I love going to new places too but sometimes, I just need a little familiarity.

Let me know if you want some other ideas for San Diego, Southern California, or Utah. Leave a comment with your go-to locations so that both myself and other readers can check them out.

Favorite locations in the San Diego area for photography
Yellow and purple flowers in the foreground with a mountain in the background in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.
Anza-Borrega Desert State Park

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