Medical Misinformation

On April 6, 2021 I participated in a conversational style workshop called “Digital Discussions: Medical Misinformation” that was hosted by Arizona State University News Co/Lab.

The workshop brought together a group of people from various age ranges and locations to talk about COVID-19 news information and how we get that information, determine if it is accurate or inaccurate, and how the different generations absorb the information.

I thought this workshop was a good way to remind all the generations that all generations are relevant. This workshop provided time where a 70-year old was forced to listen to a 25-year old and vice versa. All the age groups had interesting points about how they take in the media and evaluate it. When we broke up into our breakout sessions, I enjoyed hearing from the older woman who is originally from Germany and is a retired nurse. She had perspectives that were different than others in the group based on her background. My opinion was that she analyzes the media to a higher degree than I do and I am in a Digital Literacy class.

Although I receive alerts on my cell phone for breaking news, I often ignore them with the intention to read them later. I learned that I am not staying as current with the news as I should be and that I need to do a better job of fact checking what I read.

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